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AI REV is a boutique partnership of AI experts who are highly skilled in transforming your ideas into AI-based solutions to give you a competitive edge.
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Bring the Power of AI to Your Company

The accomplished team of AI experts are to design the best AI solutions for your company.
Unlock AI’s
Full Potential
AI REV’s team identifies which scenarios hold the greatest optimization capability for your company to leverage the power of AI to its full potential.
Scale Faster
With AI
Our AI solutions save up 25% on departmental costs, substantially decreasing operational risk and enabling manpower reallocation to more strategic issues.
Enjoy High
Return on Investment
AI REV designs AI solutions that deliver at least 10x ROI within 7 years after deployment.

AI wherever you need it

Using our department-specific experience, we deliver AI solutions tailored to your unique needs.
Automatically generate new leads, predict your future sales, demand, and churn of your customers
Optimize your budget spending, predict your customers’ behaviour, and drive up your sales using personalization
Mitigate the risks, swiftly & thoroughly analyze the market and your competition using Deep Learning
Help your employees with automatic document processing & classification, reporting, and data procesing
Customer Service
Enhance your services with conversational AI, chatbots, automatic customer processing and AI assistants
Human Resources
Mitigate employee rotation, automatically parse applications, find candidates using AI, and receive actionable insights from your HR-related data
AI doesn’t have to be complicated
Let the experts solve your problems
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AI REV’s Expertise

AI REV’s team of experts continually delivers commercial projects for, i.a. Fortune 500 companies, in the following fields:
Machine Learning
Using supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning, we build AI systems that effectively relieve companies from resourceful processes.
Predictive Analytics
We create smart systems that automatically give actionable insights to improve ROI on business processes.
Natural Language Processing
Process large amounts of text and documents within seconds using our algorithms. Understand sentiment and context to extract the most important information automatically.
Computer Vision
Thanks to real-time sophisticated visual data analysis, we enable the accurate recognition and extraction of information or categorization of objects.

One step at a time

The implementation of AI in the company does not have to be difficult. We will guide you through this process step by step.
Introductory consultation to discover business needs and an initial identification of where AI should be applied within the company and what benefits can be brought to fruition.
Detailed identification of business needs, interviews with employees and/or clients, technical and business research, and initial design of an optimal AI solution.
Implementation of PoC project to show all AI possibilities and prove applicability with benefits for a company.
Agile end2end project that demonstrates significant results for the client’s operations.
Taking care of the proper functioning of the system and its current updating.

What our Clients Say

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Harvard University
We offer the highest recommendations for Mark Bardonski (Managing Partner at AI REV) without reservation. Mark Bardonski’s algorithmic skills will be a valuable asset to any organization looking for analytic and computational talent.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
This is an enthusiastic recommendation in support of Mark Bardonski’s (Managing Partner at AI REV) outstanding accomplishments.
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