Meet the AIREV Team

AI Revolution is a company with a goal to reduce the average work hours of humans from 40h to 20h.
We achieve it by augmenting companies with AI powered efficiency improvements.

Marek Bardoński

Managing partner

Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics expert with over 8 years of commercial experience. Recognized by NASA, Harvard and multiple international corporations (NVIDIA, Microsoft, Duff & Phelps, Novartis, Financial Times, Bloomberg)

Before starting a consulting career, Marek was working as a Senior Deep Learning Research Engineer at NVIDIA Switzerland.

We've got it all covered

We have extensive experience in large-scale systems and handling sensitive data and work in accordance with


Bill Scuba

Partner - USA, West Coast

Bill is a senior data scientist and team leader with over 20 years of experience. He has worked on projects covering a wide range of fields, including healthcare, financial services, physics, and oceanography. He is a graduate of physics at the University of California in Los Angeles, where his journey with science has technically started. His mind was preoccupied with technical innovations, unconventional inventions, and the world of science from an early age. Working in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for more than four years, showed that he was able to manage not only himself, but also the team and the budget as well. Less than four years after the end of his first job, he was already the owner of Offshore Real Estate International - a company helping people buy real estate outside their native country using data analytics. Then, in February 2019, basing on over a decade of a successful experience in different fields of science, he founded his second business specializing in Artificial Intelligence Consulting.

Partner - Germany

Mateusz is a machine learning engineer who gained both commercial and scientific experience working for the most renowned institutions. Not only has worked on research machine learning and HPC projects in CERN and Max Planck Institute, on the other hand he gained commercial experience while working as a data scientist for McKinsey & Company. He holds a Master's degree in computer science from the University of Warsaw. In the past, he has implemented production ML systems that use unsupervised and supervised techniques including deep neural networks. He worked on text mining, NLP and time series problems for clients from various markets, including telecoms, e-commerce clients and social media portals. In addition to his extensive machine learning experience, Mateusz is a skillful programmer with four years of experience in full stack web development.

Mateusz Susik

Patryk Binkowski

Partner - Poland

Patryk is a scientist and researcher with passion. Specializing in natural language processing (text and speech) and digital signal processing, music, and a bit in computer vision. Member of the Language Technology Group G4.19 Wroclaw University of Technology. Lover of statistics, probability theory, R, and Python. Data, scientific papers, and conferences lover. Madman of algorithmic and hardware performance optimizations. Enthusiast of High-Performance Computing (HPC), GRID systems, and supercomputing solutions. Winter sports fan, mainly skiing.